Password Managers: What are they and why do you need one?

Does Password123 look familiar? A recent study by the NCSC uncovers how millions of people still rely on passwords including their pets’ names, football teams, and simply the word “Password”! Yet, this leaves you vulnerable to attack. Weak passwords may be cracked quickly by fraudsters using automated methods, with length and complexity becoming far more important factors to strengthen your password. Some hackers use automated tools, which can guess multiple passwords per second.

Use complex, lengthy passwords and never forget one again with a Password Manager. The Password Manager will take care of remembering these passwords for you, so they could be a completely random selection of letters and numbers, which are encrypted and not accessible without the master password.

Here’s how they work: simply create a master password, which needs to be strong, over 12 characters, and unique. Install the browser extension, which allows for ease of autofill login credentials. Begin adding your passwords. Some cool software, such as Total Password, allows you to import your passwords already saved on Google Chrome. Ensure you set up two-factor authentication for additional security.

By using the Password Manager to generate and store strong passwords, there is less chance of someone either guessing or hacking into your accounts. It allows you to use unique passwords for hundreds of different online credentials, preventing password reuse. If one account is compromised and the same credentials are used across multiple accounts, this puts even more data at high risk.

The benefits don’t stop there. Notice the time-saving and convenience of a vault to remember everything for you and generate new passwords in a safe and secure way: an upgrade from your existing password notebook.

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